Departments Partner to Create Sensory Room Article

Posted on October 04, 2023

Lisa Williams

The room was originally meant to be a temporary space in the Center for Community Engaged Design – an interdisciplinary research center through IARc that focuses on research and design of both built and natural environments. But when the Department of Community and Therapeutic Recreation (CTR) said they had an empty office in Ferguson for the sensory room, another use for the space opened as well – teaching.

“One of the things we will do in this space is teach different sensory intervention techniques for our students,” says Joan Sutton, a professor in CTR. “We are excited to have space for our students to collaborate on projects, share ideas, and practice sensory interventions.”

There are many different forms of therapy. Most people recognize physical and occupational, but few know about recreational therapy. CTR prepares students for work in the world as a licensed and certified recreational therapist. Recreational therapists look at someone’s leisure interests and help individuals get back to doing the things they enjoy.