For information on admissions to the Bachelor of Science in Community and Therapeutic Recreation degree programs, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions Office for  detailed instructions, important deadlines, forms, and more.

Campus Tours

See the campus tours from the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Change Your Major/Minor

The University Registrar’s Office provides an online form where a student to change their major.

  1. To change your major to the Community Recreation and Event Planning degree program, choose “Recreation & Parks: Community Recreation and Event Planning” in the Change Primary Major dropdown box.
  2. To change your major to the Therapeutic Recreation degree program, choose “Recreation & Parks: Therapeutic Recreation” in the Change Primary Major dropdown box.
  3. To add the CTR minor, choose “Community and Therapeutic Recreation” from the dropdown box.

Transferring to UNCG

Information on transferring to UNCG, including the Equivalency Course Search, can be found at the UNCG Student Transfer website.

University Calendars

See University calendars.